Spanish Immersion in Houston

Come Learn Spanish with Us!

Spanish School 4Kids offers instructional immersion programs which are rarely offered in Houston inner loop area. In a growing multicultural nation there is a vast and growing need for bilingual skills. Spanish School 4Kids is specially and professionally designed to satisfy the current bilingual growing need and demand.


Our mission is to implement an effective, consistent and guided program designed to foster a community of Spanish Language Learners to become high achieving bilingual students who make the most of their individual talents to succeed in a multicultural society.

Spanish School 4Kids ultimate goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement in all curriculum areas and full academic language proficiency in the students’ first and second language.

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Summer Camp begins June 6th and will end July 26

Spanish School 4Kids will once again welcome students back to the classroom for summer camp in 2024. 

We are a partnership of experienced teachers who love to work with kids and who really dream about helping children acquire a second language in an everyday environment. We believe that Bilingual Education provides an academically rigorous educational model which embraces human communication, understanding, empathy and appreciation of diversity. Our school exemplifies the qualities of global citizenship as we prepare children for the demands of an ever-changing world.

Advance Your Child’s Learning and Growth with a Spanish Immersion Program in Houston, TX

Learning a second language is extremely beneficial in many aspects of life. Spanish School 4Kids Inc. is a Spanish Immersion Program in Houston offering a comprehensive immersion program that provides your children with speaking, reading and writing skills at an early age. We offer a range of programs designed to cater to the ability of your child, such as our Spanish summer camp, Spanish Immersion preschool, and  Parent's Night Out. We provide effective and consistent instruction that allows your child to build the skills that will make them successful in the Spanish language and elementary school.

Support Dual Language Abilities with Spanish Immersion Program

Given the prevalence of bilingual families in Houston, TX, dual language programs are a necessity for your kids. At Spanish School 4Kids Inc., we support our bilingual community with Spanish immersion programs such as our Spanish program and summer camps to promote language proficiency and academic achievement in both the first and second languages of your child. We focus on teaching understanding, communication, diversity and empathy in all of our programs that will prepare your children to take on the challenges of the world. Delivered by qualified and experienced teachers, our goal is to create success in the life of your child.

Find Out More About Enrollment in Spanish Program in Houston, TX Today

Promote both languages that your child experiences with Spanish Immersion Prpgram in Houston, TX with Spanish School 4Kids Inc. To find out more, call us today at (832) 241-9594 or contact us via email or this link.

 (ages 2-5 during the school year and 2-10 years old in the summer)